Here you will find the technical reference material for software and applications developed through this project, which is all open source and published on GitHub.

You will also find information that explains how to set up servers and deploy applications. All applications are deployed using docker and can be run on local hardware or using cloud providers.

maplandscape - dashboard

Built on top of the QFieldCloud API, the maplandscape dashboard apps allow users to view their QField data on web maps, interactive tables, and charts. They can use these web applications to perform GIS and relational database style operations on their data and specify automated reporting routines.

maplandscape’s source code is published on GitHub.


The maplandscape dashboard is developed as an R package with a suite of functions useful for building custom dashboards and web map tools that use data retrieved from QFieldCloud. Check out the package’s documentation.


qfieldcloudR is an R package that provides a set of helper functions for interacting with the QFieldCloud API including querying projects, retrieving data, and user management.

It can be used for accessing QFieldCloud data for programmatic analysis with spatial packages such as sf within R or to build web apps that support user interaction with QFieldCloud via Shiny.


You can install qfieldcloudR and used it in your R workflows:

# install.packages("devtools")

Also, be sure to check out the official qfieldcloud-sdk, which is developed by and is a fully featured client for interacting with the QFieldCloud API.